Arts One Open


Arts One offers open, online digital resources that enable anyone to join this voyage of discovery and critical analysis. For Arts One students, it can enhance your experience, providing extra insights into the texts, connecting you with others who are studying the same material, and/or helping you in essay preparation and exam revision.

Please see the Arts One Open site, here:, or follow the links below or to the left for specific parts of that site.

We provide recordings and other material from some of the weekly lectures. Whether there are recordings or not depends in large part on instructor choice; as well, because we are starting to repeat lecture recordings, we stopped recording some lectures for which there are already recordings on the site related to those texts. The lectures are in various formats: video (in which case you can watch them either on YouTube or on the UBC “Mediasite” server, which means you can also see an accompanying slide presentation), audio only, or Powerpoint (or other presentation software).

There is no real substitute for being at the lecture itself, but reviewing a recording or viewing the slides reminds you of key points and lets you return to issues that you may not have understood the first time around. You can add comments and questions to the YouTube versions of the videos, so extending discussion about the texts to a wider audience.

You can also read all blog posts related to Arts One, from students in both groups (and sometimes faculty too).

There are short podcasts specifically designed to tie together two or more texts from a particular theme, in a way that will aid you as you are writing essays or studying for your final exam.

In addition, we aggregate Twitter feeds related to Arts One.

Finally, you can find Arts One on Facebook, here, and we are on Instagram as well at UBC_ArtsOne.