Canadian Thanksgiving – Holiday Monday

Holiday Monday + lecture changes.

Arts One Theatre Excursion!

Enjoy a group trek together to the Chan Centre for Performing Arts.

Your First Week in Arts One!

We’re excited! Are you excited?? We’re excited about Your First Week in Arts One!

Sad news, Donald G. Brown.

We are sorry to learn of the loss of Don Brown.

Come work with us in First-Year Programs!

We’re looking for a Work Learn Student.  Come work with us in FYP – Arts One, CAP, ASRW! All current UBC-Vancouver students are eligible.  Deadline to apply is Friday August 12. “With Work Learn, you can earn money while attending classes, gain professional experience, develop your skills and expand your network of connections at UBC.” […]

Nick Sousanis in 2015, by Larry D. Moore, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0 on Wikimedia Commons.

Nick Sousanis to give guest lecture for Seeing & Knowing

One of the authors on the Seeing and Knowing reading list will be giving a guest lecture for that group this upcoming academic year! Nick Sousanis, the author of Unflattening, will be giving a guest lecture to the Seeing and Knowing group about his work. Unflattening is a PhD thesis in comics form–it makes a […]

Inaugural Arts One student journal published

Inaugural Arts One student journal published

We have recently published the first volume of what we expect to be many future volumes for an Arts One student journal. The journal, entitled ONE (a name selected from several proposed by Arts One students), features essays written by Arts One students that are revised versions of essays they submitted for grades during the […]

Dr. Christina Hendricks wins Killam Teaching Prize!

The Killam Teaching Prize is awarded annually to faculty nominated by students, colleagues and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching.

New for 2016! “Knowledge and Power”

Arts One themes/teams continue for two years then change it up to keep things fresh. This is the second year for ‘Hero/Anti-Hero’, so 2016 is time for a new theme and a new team! Knowledge and Power It’s going to be a great year.    

New for 2016! The one-and-only Dr. Alan Richardson is back

New for 2016-17,  the Arts One ‘Seeing and Knowing’ group is thrilled to welcome Dr. Alan Richardson to the teaching team! Yes the same Alan Richardson that brought you everything from “Carnap’s Construction of the World” to essays such as “’Tractatus Comedo-Philosophicus’: Monty Python and Philosophy.” Join us for an exciting year!