My current research focuses on the metaphysics of romantic love, which means I try to answer questions like What is love? and Is love natural?


We often hear advice not to “overthink it,” but I’m much more worried about how often we underthink love. My new book What Love Is And What It Could Be is coming out early in 2017; here’s a word cloud generated from the text of the manuscript. For more about the Metaphysics of Love Project, you can visit the project website. Or to hear some of my thoughts on love (and my semi-British accent) check out my appearance on the CBC radio show “q”.

Here at UBC I hold the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy. My philosophical interests stretch across metaphysics and epistemology, and into the philosophy of language, logic, and mathematics. My first book was about how we know basic truths of arithmetic. There’s no straightforward trajectory from there to working on love; I tend to find all kinds of things interesting.

I like how Arts One encourages a breadth of scholarly interest that crosses disciplinary boundaries. In my recent work, I’ve found it essential to look beyond the canons and traditions of any one discipline to get a more complete (and more interesting) picture.


My dog Mezzo is the best dog. She looks like this.


To find out more about me and my work, visit my website or follow me on Twitter.