Kalenne T.

Kalenne Thors, 2006/07

Year: 2006/07
Theme: Action and Inaction: East and West
Instructor: Ken Bryant (Seminar LB5)

What Have You Been Up To Since Arts One? I’m completing my degree in Political Science with a minor in History.

What Is the Essence of Arts One? For me Arts One made the transition to University so much easier than if I had taken general first year classes. Coming to a new city not knowing anyone was a daunting idea and UBC’s huge student population was a far cry from the small, personal environment I was used to in High School. The connection to professors and peers made possible by the Arts One arrangement is its greatest strength.

Spending time with the same circle of people in a small group setting allows for friendships to be formed and fosters understanding of others’ viewpoints. The variety of interpretations and insights offered by the professors and other students are so varied you are always guaranteed to have new ideas to think about and deeper appreciation for the texts at the end of the day. Through the programming and people I’ve met, Arts One created a strong base for me to build the rest of my degree.