Gabriel Q.

Gabriel Quigley, 2007/08

Year: 2007/08
Theme: Action and Inaction: East and West
Instructor: Ken Bryant

There is reading literature with the spectacles of orthodoxy and then there is reading through the brightly-coloured and multi-faceted lenses of Arts One pilot goggles. These are not safety goggles: you will be exposed to as many noxious and toxic substances as you can find. But through this eyepiece you will experience all the many facets of literature in a fashion completely “alternative” to any other approach to the Arts Faculty.

You may learn that there are many different opinions, or that there is one opinion, or that many opinions are one opinion, one opinion are all opinions. But ultimately, Arts One will grant you the capabilities for a more extensive understanding and appreciation of the social world: your role, your responsibility, your lack thereof. And you will develop solid essay-writing techniques to prove it.

The “alternative” Arts One course is exactly what it claims itself to be: a look in the opposite direction in order to illuminate the darker, unbleached face of the social sciences. Arts One will teach you to appreciate reading upside-down and underwater.