Erica L.

John Fowles, The Magus

Year: 1979/80
Theme: Varieties of Creative Process
Arts One Course: ARTS.001A.00A
Instructor: Frank Whitman

Favourite Book: John Fowles, The Magus

What Have You Been Up To Since Arts One? Everything I have done since has been formed by the program and the friends I met in Arts One. Have had a 20+ year career in business sales (Procter & Gamble & now Mosaic) coincident with a musical path of equal duration forming and playing in local alternative bands: The Debutantes, The Dilettantes, The Spasms, The Hip Type, Motorcycle, Infra dig.  The early bands played at UBC student events and clubs around town, and, most importantly, introduced me to my handsome husband and fellow-musical conspirator, Gurd Badanic! Arts One, the books read, the people I met, the ideas discussed has been a major influence. Thank you for an awesome year. My kids are coming next!

What Is the Essence of Arts One?Ideas and taking the time to talk about them with interesting people – and then writing about them!

“I Remember…” the Arts One Halloween Theme Party our year. We all had to come as characters from one of the books, so my girlfriends and I all made Beauty Queen sashes with the words, “Junior Anti-Sex League” from 1984 the novel.