Bhaktilata J.

Bhaktilata James

Year: 2007/08
Theme: Action and Inaction: East and West
Instructor: Ken Bryant (Seminar LB5)

Books are only one source of knowledge. In Arts One instead of one source of knowledge there is so much more. Lecture is where context is given to each text. In seminar the perspectives of many students creates diverse illuminations of the text. All this leaves the students with knowledge like they have read ten different stories–or at least like they read the story ten times.

Everyone in Arts One, teachers and students alike, formed a common foundation (the books we read together). This was a resource that allowed us to communicate with a deeper level of imagery, and following that, a deeper respect. I’ve never experienced so much diversity in perspective and not only do I have more panoramic view in literature but more importantly I have a better understanding of others–and a better comprehension of how to understand them.