Lorne and Jane Adamson

The Adamsons

Year: 1967/68
Theme: War, Love, Death, and Education; 17th/20th Century Freedom and Authority
Instructor: Dr. Ross, and Fred Stockholder

Favourite Book: Goodbye to All That and Paradise Lost (also CS Lewis commentaries)
Least Favourite Book: Catch 22 and Lenin (never finished)

What Have You Been Up To Since Arts One? Lorne: I taught school for 33 years. Now I volunteer at our local museum and I volunteer teaching adults to use computers. Jane: “Education for Ministry” program. (Univ of the South, through Diocese of Kootenay)

What Is the Essence of Arts One? Lorne: Arts One gave me the intellectual energy to face the courses in second year. Arts One inspired me to try to integrate my learning. In the following years at UBC I chose courses in history which had a common theme. Jane: Discussion.

“I Remember…” Jane: Met my husband at the dance after the Manchurian Candidate screening. Architecture tour of downtown Vancouver. Seminars at Fred Stockholder’s home.