ArtsOne/CAP ‘Time Management’ workshop

Tiiiiime is on your side, yes it is.  And the UBC Wellness Centre will prove it at the ArtsOne/CAP ‘Time Management’ workshop. Thurs Nov 3.

Check email for details and RSVP.  Make time.

Many students have to balance a variety of commitments outside their studies, which may include a job or career, children and family, hobbies and a personal  life and everyone has different amounts that they can balance while still being mentally well.

This workshop helps attendees identify where they currently spend their time, and how they’d like their time to be better managed.

Attendees will learn effective time management strategies that they can personalize to fit their values, priorities, and lifestyle in order to reduce stress and achieve success.

Brought to you by the UBC Wellness Centre in association with UBC Thrive Week!