UBC Arts One Prof Gavin Paul’s latest publication: “Conspiracy of One”

UBC Arts One Prof Gavin Paul’s latest publication is a collection of short stories, his first work of fiction.

“Conspiracy of One gathers solitary figures: vagrants and wanderers, soldiers and mothers, owls and crows, a sparrow, vanished grandfathers and lost sons. From abandoned streets to menacing forests, together, this collection of six stories explores trauma, loss, memory, and strange courage.

In “The Last Paperboy on Earth,” a young man comes face to face with death.

“THE ARTEMIS” shares the forgotten history of a ruined apartment building.

In “When They Come For Your Guns,” a homeless man recognizes the name of a fallen soldier in a local obituary and recalls a childhood adventure marked by bullets and blood.

In “Owl,” a mother shares a dark secret with her son.

This collection of stories presents solitude as the measure of a life. Who are you when you are alone?”


Check out ‘Conspiracy of One’.