Congratulations to former Arts One Instructor Dr. Ann Pearson on her new book!

Congratulations to Dr. Ann Pearson, former Arts One Instructor, for publishing a novel titled A Promise on the Horizon in early July.

About the Book: 

It is 1811 and Napoleon’s empire now incorporates almost the entire Italian peninsula. Two French travellers meet on the road to Milan — a brash young man, bored with his official career, and a shy, secretive woman, desperate to escape the narrow confines of provincial life. Both are drawn by Italy’s classical and artistic heritage, but the Italy they encounter is a country in the ferment of social and political change. Opened to new ways of seeing by their Italian experiences, both travellers glimpse the possibility of a different life. But can individuals determine their future when the course of history is about to change? Based on episodes in the youth of the French writer Stendhal, the novel uses his Italian diary as frame, interweaving it with fictional events and characters to evoke this pivotal moment in history.

“With what precision and intimacy Ann Pearson explores her chosen era, its nuances, fevers, cherished fantasies and bitter truths! Napoleonic Europe comes alive through its most distinctive voice, that of Stendhal himself, whose perspective gives the story a vividness both fierce and touching. I so enjoyed the narrative’s resistless pace and structural originality. Refashioning the past in the form of episodes which ought to have happened, or almost did, is clearly Pearson’s special skill, one which Monsieur Beyle himself would admire.”
— Jonathan Keates, British biographer of Stendhal and author of The Strangers’ Gallery, Allegro PostillionsItalian Journeys.


About Ann:

Ann Pearson grew up in Suffolk, England, and did an honours degree in French at the University of London before moving to Vancouver, where she completed a PhD in French literature. Subsequently, she taught French for a number of years before joining the Arts One program at the University of British Columbia. She is currently working on a second Napoleonic-era novel, set in Cornwall this time.

For more information, please visit Dr. Ann Pearson’s website.

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