Announcement from Arts One Chairs

Welcome to Arts One!

Whether you have already reserved a seat, or are thinking about joining us later, we are looking forward to seeing you! This won’t be in person just yet, but we are hopeful this could change by the January-April term. In the meantime, rest assured we are doing all we can to replicate the teaching experience that has long won this program praise from UBC Presidents, other universities, and influential publications like Macleans, a magazine that consistently ranks Arts One a “stand out” program.

The Faculty of Arts has committed itself to online instruction that is enriching and of the highest academic quality, a promise that we are determined to fulfill and a learning experience that our program is especially well equipped to deliver. We are as ready as ever to make the big of UBC small, provide a stimulating and memorable transition to university, and a strong academic and professional foundation for the rest of your degree, and beyond.

We will teach the course through a blend of live online interaction and some recorded materials that will keep you engaged with your teachers and peers, that are safe and secure, and will retain the distinctiveness of our lectures, seminars, and very small tutorials. With its integration of 18 credits of course work, Arts One offers a distinctive opportunity to carefully focus your online activity, so that you are not overwhelmed by screen time as you pursue your university studies. We have the smallest student-to-instructor ratio at UBC, an exceptional number of its most awarded teachers, and we look forward to seeing you online in fall 2020!


Robert Crawford and Brandon Konoval

Co-chairs, and Instructors of Arts One