Brandon Konoval

Associate Professor, Music and Arts One

Office: IBLC 375
Phone: 604-822-5687

I joined Arts One in 1999 and have remained with the program ever since, while cross-appointed with the UBC School of Music. Arts One has been a tremendously rewarding and enriching place in which to teach and to think, providing me with wonderful opportunities to get to know both students and colleagues, and to continue exploring an ever-growing world of ideas with their help.

If you are interested in the kinds of explorations that Arts One has inspired me to pursue, you can check out the ‘publications’ link provided above: I have written on music and science in the age of Galileo; on the étude and the essay (along with Arts One itself); on Rousseau, Nietzsche, and Foucault, and their geneologies of inequality, morality, and sexuality; and, most recently, on the sociology and genealogy of music in the hands of Max Weber. All of these pieces bear the imprint of Arts One, with several growing directly out of our seminar and tutorial discussions.

If you are interested in how I introduce a book like Rousseau’s Discourse on Inequality for one of our regular lectures—not to mention, sneaking in some Blade Runner references—you can check out this link to our Arts One digital site:

Finally, if you would enjoy a little music, you can hear a performance I did several years ago of Witold Lutoslawski’s “Variations on a Theme of Paganini” for two pianos, with my good friend and colleague, Professor David Rogosin (Mt. Allison):