UBC Arts One News: 1960’s


The first day of classes for the new UBC Arts One Program was September 18, 1967.

We’re thrilled to still have some of the original news articles from the 1960’s!


UBC  ‘100 Years Of Discovery:  1960-1969 Timeline’
“1967 Arts One is created. In 1965, the UBC Faculty of Arts found itself engaged in the most comprehensive reassessment of the content and structure of its undergraduate curriculum that it had undertaken in almost 50 years. In 1967, the program launches and is ahead of its time in recognizing the value of small-cohort learning and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum.”

– Sept 29, 1967:  Ian Ross meets Page Friday

– 1967: UBC Alumni Chronicles, ‘Arts 1 Learning Trip’  by Al Birnie, Associate Editor, The Ubyssey

– March 1967: ‘‘A Bold New Program To Challenge First Year Students’   by Dr. Ian Ross for UBC Reports

– March 9, 1968: ‘Arts II’  by The Ubyssey

– 1968: ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me: A Student of Arts 1’  by UBC Reports, Dr. Ian Ross interviews three students: Silke Andresen, David Sharpe, Steve Graham

– 1969: ‘Reports Endorse Arts 1 Success’  by Stan Persky for The Ubyssey