UBC Arts One News: 1990’s


Lots of news about UBC Arts One during the 1990’s!

– 1990: ‘Arts 1 Focus Turns East’,  by Gavin Wilson for Cultures in Contrast

– October 1991: Thumbnail Sketches‘ by Macleans Magazine Special Report

– October 14, 1992:  ‘Arts One Focuses on 500 years‘  by Katrina Pacey and Carla Wellings for The Ubyssey ‘Campus News’

– January 23, 1992:  ‘Five Undergrads Win Scholarships‘  by Gavin Wilson for UBC Reports  (includes Arts One students Jeevan Deol and Kate Tully)

– Sept 3, 1992:  ‘Arts One Alive and Well at 25’  by Trevor Morrison and Nadja Durbach for UBC Reports

– 1992:  ‘Arts One: Opening Doors and Minds’  by Douglas Todd for University Affairs

– 1993:  ‘Making Choices’  by Sharon Pond for University Affairs

– Feb 1998:  ‘Assignment: Awaken the Intellect of First Year Students’ by George Galt for University Affairs

– August 20, 1999:  ‘Arts One: 30 Years Old and Still Breaking Ground’  by Paul Gallagher for The Vancouver Sun