Instructors Testimonials

“Intelligent. Engaging. The warping of young minds and showing them how to resolve the conflicts thereby created.”

—Jack Maze (Instructor for 1994/95 & 1995/96 Nature or Nuture?)

“Important books, seminars, tutorials, close contact of teachers and students.”

— Ed Hundert (Instructor for 14 years between 1970s to 1990s; most recently 1999/00 (In)Humanity)



“Students entering with little sense of what books offered and little idea of how to write essays, and leaving with a good sense of both.”

— Roger Seamon (Instructor for several years between 1970s to 2000s; most recently 2005/06 Reason and Madness)

“An intensive program that teaches writing and reading better than any other first-year program I have seen anywhere.”

Alan Richardson, Professor, Philosophy




“It was one of the most rich teaching experiences I’ve had to date! Loved every minute of it!”

 Brianne Orr-Alvarez (Instructor for 2017/18 & 2018/19 Authority and Resistance; 2018 Killam Teaching Prize Winner)



“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to teach in this program. I learned so much, and loved the collaborative nature of it.”

— Jill Fellow, Past Visiting Faculty Member



“I’ve taught in Arts One since 2010. It’s a rewarding program that allows first-year students a unique opportunity to work closely with classmates and professors over an entire year. Check it out!”

—Gavin Paul (Instructor since 2010; most recently 2018/19 Dangerous Questions, Forbidden Knowledge; 2019 Killam Teaching Prize Winner )