How is Arts One Organized?


There are two groups each year in Arts One, and students choose to enroll in one of them. Each group has 4-5 professors who team-teach the course, 80-100 students, and a theme that unifies the texts, films, and other works studied that year. Please see the themes page for information on current groups, their organizing themes, and which instructors are on each teaching team. When you register for Arts One, you choose one of the two groups. Please see the How to Register page for more information on how to do so.

Arts One is one course, lasting two terms (September to April), worth 18 credits: 6 each in first-year English, History and Philosophy. Students see all four or five professors on the teaching team for their group each week in a lecture on a book, film or other work that they are studying that week. The professors on the teaching team rotate to give these lectures, and all students in that group attend the lecture. The group may also have one or more guest lecturers from other departments in the Faculty of Arts during the year. The majority of students’ time in Arts One is in smaller groups, though: students meet in seminar groups of 20 twice a week, with the same professor all year. They also meet in tutorial groups of four once a week, with the same professor as their seminar group. The tutorials are devoted to peer feedback on writing. Please see A Week in Arts One for more information on what Arts One students do each week.

Arts One is a great way to improve writing skills, because students in the program write essays every two weeks and get peer feedback on every one of them. Depending on the professor you choose for your small seminar group of 20 students, you may also be encouraged to write blog posts during the year. You can see students’ blog posts from past years on the Arts One Open site. There is no final exam in Arts One. Instead, students will write a capstone paper.


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