Admission to the Arts One program requires that students apply through Reserve Your Spot. Any students intending to study within the Faculty of Arts or Science can apply to the program.

Because Arts One is a writing intensive course, your application must include:

A writing sample that shows your best work

    • We are looking for academic writing that involves textual analysis and critical argument. Personal essays and forms of creative writing will not suffice.
    • Your writing sample can be a revision of any academic essay that you have written for a class, such as English, English Literature, World Literature, History, Philosophy, etc.
    • There is no page limit, but typically the length is within 4-10 pages, double-spaced.

A transcript of your high school grades (can be interim if not completed yet), which shows:

    • a minimum of 80% in English 12 or English Lit 12 (International students’ grades will be translated into British Columbia equivalents to determine eligibility. For US students, this typically means a minimum of B+ is needed in senior year English)
    • or a minimum score of 4 in AP English.
    • or a minimum score of 5 in IB Higher Level English Lit.


Please note: Students who have not achieved one of these minimum marks are still able to apply for Arts One. If you have questions about fulfilling any of these requirements, please contact our Arts One office at