Arts One is open to any student accepted into the first year in the Faculty of Arts or Science. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. But Arts One is a writing intensive course and students should ideally meet one of the following conditions:

  • a minimum of 80% in English 12 or English Lit 12. (International students’ grades will be translated into British Columbia equivalents to determine eligibility. For US students this typically means a minimum of B+ is needed in senior year English)
  • or a minimum score of 4 in AP English.
  • or a minimum score of 5 in IB Higher Level English Lit.

Please note: Students who have not achieved one of these minimum marks (or whose final marks are not yet available) are still able to register in Arts One. They may be asked, however, to provide writing samples (typically papers written recently in secondary school) that will be evaluated by Arts One professors to determine the suitability of their proficiency for this writing-intensive program. The vast majority of these students are admitted so please do not be deterred by this process. If you have questions about fulfilling any of these requirements please contact our Arts One office at

Successful completion of Arts One fulfills the first-year segment of the Faculty of Arts Writing Requirement, and three credits of the Faculty’s Literature Requirement.

Undergraduate Admissions is responsible for admission applications, support documents, and grade conversion.