UBC Policy On Attendance

  • Students who miss classes because of a disability and who are registered with the Disability Resource Centre must be given reasonable accommodation, which is to be negotiated at the beginning of the course between the student, the DRC, and the instructor.
  • Students missing 40% or more of the classes, regardless of whether their absences are avoidable or unavoidable, will be considered unable to meet the “learning outcomes” of the course and will be excluded from the final examination.
  • When students have missed 12 hours or four seminar classes, regardless of whether their absences were avoidable or unavoidable, instructors must warn them in writing (e-mail is acceptable; it is up to the students to ensure that their e-mail addresses are up to date) that they will be asked to withdraw from the course if they miss four more hours or one more seminar.
  • Instructors are under no obligation to re-teach material that has already been taught in a regularly scheduled class.
  • Instructors can draw the program’s attendance policy to the attention of their students, either by including it on the syllabus or by referring students to this page.

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