Arts One Past

As Arts One approaches its 50th anniversary, we are organizing a series of lectures leading up to the big celebration. Come join us in the IBLC 380 Gateway Suite to celebrate 50 years of challenging minds with an “Arts One Past” lecture, which will focus on the past of Arts One and how much it has evolved over these 50 years. Keep checking in for more details about the event.

Confirmed panel speakers include:

Jack Maze: Arts One instructor 1994-1996; Professor Emeritus (Botany), author of ‘History, Personal and Poetic’
Ed Hundert: Arts One instructor for 14 years through the 70’s, 80’s, 90; Professor Emeritus (History)
Margery Fee: Arts One instructor 2005-06 & 2006-07; Arts One Program Chair 2005-2008; Professor (English)
Paola Baca: Arts One alumna 1993-4; Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions for UBC Enrolment Services
Christine Quintana: Arts One alumna 2007-8; Jessie Award-winning writer and performer; Artistic Producer for Delinquent Theatre