Arts One Present

As Arts One celebrates its 50th anniversary we are organizing a series of talks leading up to the big celebration in April 2018.

Come join us for our next event:  Wednesday November 29, 4pm-6pm in the IBLC 380 Gateway Suite to celebrate 50 years of challenging minds with an “Arts One: Present” roundtable discussion.  Let’s focus on the student experiences of Arts One — the highs and lows, the benefits and challenges — and what it all means for them today.  Please join us!


Confirmed roundtable discussion participants include:

Robert Crawford (facilitator), Arts One Alumnus and Current Arts One Professor
Laurie McNeill, Arts One Alumna and FYP (Arts-First Year Programs) Chair
Rachel Wan, Current Arts One Student
Jastej Luddu,  Arts One Student 2015W (PoliSci Major, Soci Minor)
Jia Faner, Arts One Student 2014W (English Honours, Law & Society Minor)