ArtsOne podcasts meeting

Dear Arts One students:

If you’re interested in joining a brainstorming meeting to help us figure out what you think would be most interesting or useful for a set of podcasts, please come to a meeting!

Thursday, March 17, 1-2pm
Sandspit room (381) in the Gateway Space

Hope to see some of you there!


We are thinking of setting up a series of podcasts about Arts One texts and topics, mostly for next year, but we’d like to get together with anyone from this year who is interested in helping us brainstorm about what those might look like. We might also do a pilot, trial one this year if anyone is interested in helping out. I’m writing to invite you to a brainstorming meeting about possible podcasts topics/formats.

A few years ago some instructors did a few informal podcasts on texts, as a way to help students review for the final exam. You can hear those here:

Those were instructors talking together about texts. But I’d like to involve students in planning and carrying out the podcasts. The possible ways we might do it are wide open, such as:


  • It could be something like “Plato’s Republic in 10 minutes,” with one instructor and students interviewing him/her
  • It could be students talking about one or more texts
  • It could be students and instructors talking about one or more texts
  • It could be instructors on a team giving what they think are the most important/interesting/significant points about a text they didn’t lecture on
  • …what else?… you tell us!

The idea with these would be to both provide something that students in the program would find useful and that former students, or possible future students, or members of the public might also find some value in.

Christina Hendricks
Chair of Arts One program