Big Celebration Lecture

Arts One is turning 50! Join us in our IBLC 380 Gateway Suite to celebrate 50 years of challenging minds with a keynote lecture by Dr. Sander Gilman entitled “The Humanities Make You A Better Person! A Foundational Myth about Higher Education.”


UPDATE: Lecture begins at 1pm in IBLC 182; reception to follow at 2:30 in IBLC 380


Updated: The entire event is 12:30pm-4pm, something like this:

– 12:30 – 1pm:   welcome in our IBLC 380 gateway suite.
1-2:30pm:  Dr. Sander Gilman’s lecture, downstairs on the first level in the Victoria Lecture Theatre, IBLC 182
– 2:3pm – 4pm:  everyone invited back upstairs to our IBLC 380 gateway suite for more schmoozing. And cake 🙂

We’re inviting fifty years of alumni and professors so we want to offer various opportunities for people to mingle with other ArtsOners and profs, from their own first year or various years, and to linger over some of the postings and photos that we’re hoping to have up around the suite.

Have questions or ideas or photos/stories we can post and share? Please let us know!

Please take a moment to let us know if you will be joining us by emailing us at:


Dr. Gilman Keynote Lecture
Saturday, April 7, 2018
1:00 – 4:00pm
Lecture in IBLC Room 182, reception to follow in IBLC 380 Gateway Suite

Our event will also feature a photo opportunity for past Straker Memorial Prize winners, as well as group photos of Student and Faculty Alumni by decade. Mingle, connect, and celebrate with us.

Please take a moment to let us know if you will be joining us by contacting us at:  Please watch our website for updates and info:

Tom Kemple

Arts One Program Chair

Our building (where the keynote lecture and reception are taking place) is the called the ‘Irving K Barber Learning Centre’. Many know this building as The Main Library. They’ve retained the, well, main part of the main library and added a north wing and south wing.  Make time to linger around the building to check out the wonderful work that was put into restoring many components of the Main Library. As well, the Library has some fabulous collections that are viewable to the public.

The keynote lecture will be in the Victoria Lecture Theatre, in room IBLC 182 (lower level).The mingle/reception (before/after the lecture) will be in what we refer to as our Gateway Suite, IBLC 380 (third floor). ‘Gateway’ is the home base for four first-year programs: Arts One, Science One, Coordinated Arts Program (CAP), Co-ordinated Science Program (CSP).

Watch for signage, we’ll have lots!

The actual address is 1961 East Mall.  Here’s a campus map with a red arrow pointing to the building:

And here’s a list of parking info:

Questions? Let us know, we’re happy to try and help.