Casual Friday: Feb 2

Every Friday, 3pm-5pm in the Gateway Suite it’s ‘Casual Friday’:   a couple of hours for students and profs to have some laughs, hang with friends, and meet new ones.

This weeks theme:  Dungeons & Dragons, Part 2.

Last week’s Casual Friday, Gateway D&D was great, so come join us for session #2!

All Gateway students + profs are invited to drop by for some DND fun.  Channel your inner Wolowitz and play in-character, or just sit back and enjoy.

From Arts One Student Rep-Joe: “I have hosted and taught D&D for ten years, with groups ages 3-30 with up to 27 individuals, so no matter who shows up I endeavor to be as inclusive as possible.

Keep in mind that this Casual Friday, Joe (me) will not be focused on teaching character sheet generation; rather I will be hosting the game for the full 2 hours. If you haven’t made a character sheet but would like to play, you can either make your own D&D 3.5 character sheet (level 1 characters only) if you know how, or you can use the link below for easy character sheet generation, please bring a paper copy.

Joe will try and correct any errors on character sheets, but no one will be turned away from this game based on lack of understanding of DND. We already have five players, many more are welcome.

Feel free to drop by and spectate if you are curious on what playing Dungeon and Dragons looks like!

In future session #3, Joe will return once again to providing a D&D 3.5 tutorial (focused on level 1 character making), so if you want to learn D&D from someone who can teach it, I would wait and attend session #3 or let just let me know.


See you there!