Stephen Straker Memorial Lecture Event 2017

This year, in order to kick off the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the UBC Arts One Program, Science and Technology Studies (STS) at UBC has a special Stephen Straker Lecture event featuring three graduates of Arts One who are now doing important STS research as faculty members at North American universities.

Stephen Straker was a historian of science, a faculty member in Arts One, and an inspiration for the Science and Technology Studies program at UBC.

The event will feature brief research talks and a panel discussion.

General Topic: Pathways and Trajectories: Arts One, STS, and a Liberal Arts Education 

  • Lindsey Richardson (Sociology, UBC): “From Durkheim’s Institutionalism to the Downtown East Side”
  • Janet Vertesi (Sociology, Princeton): “From Leviathan to the Mars Rover”
  • Audrey Yap (Philosophy, UVic), “Evidence and Bias: Science Tells You How to Clone a T-Rex but Arts Tells You It’s a Bad Idea”

Stephen M. Straker Memorial Lecture 2017
March 13, 2017
4 to 6 pm
Earth Sciences Building 1012