Main Office Overview


The Arts One Program Chair is Tom Kemple. His home department is Sociology, and he is a former Arts One instructor with an interest in bridging the humanities and social sciences.

Jenn Suratos is our FYP (First Year Programs) office manager. She can juggle [ArtsOne/CAP/ASRW], she can sing [literally], and she does not mind cookies.

Rose Harper is an Arts One Program Assistant who lives in The Office with background music. She looks forward to answering your emails at

Serena Gibbons is our part-time Program Assistant, has a mild muppet obsession, and is also responsible for keeping Rose sane. You can email her at

Office hours are typically Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm.


Arts One is in the south wing of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (1961 East Mall). This is part of a modern addition to the historic Main Library; the original 1925 building remains at the core of the Learning Centre.

Our main office and faculty offices are on the third floor. A dedicated Gateway Student study area, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and study carrels, is also on the third floor. Most classrooms are downstairs on the first and second floors, along with media centres, social spaces, and Ike’s Cafe.

Arts One shares this space with the Coordinated Arts Program and with two other UBC First Year Gateway programs: Science One and the Co-ordinated Science Programs. Though there are differences in content and methodologies, these programs have similar goals and aspirations, and there are mutual benefits to working in close co-operation.

Visit, phone (604 822-3430, 604 822-2463), or email: or

Other Enquiries

  • To discuss your academic path, Arts Academic Advising is the umbrella office for all departments in the Faculty of Arts.
  • For specific course interests, contact the departments directly. They know best their requirements, per-requisites, curriculum changes, and so on.
  • To discuss admissions, UBC Admissions handles all applications, as well as support documents.
  • For campus tours, the Welcome Centre offers all types of information, including campus tours, both guided and self-guided.