Associate Professor, Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies

I usually teach in Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies – on the Classical side of things. This will be my first year teaching in Arts One and I am very excited about joining the team and our theme – and I can’t wait to meet all of you in the Fall. I am particularly excited to have the chance to teach so many works from so many different periods and regions – from ancient Greece to modern Ireland and China. It’s a unique opportunity for me to explore this with students and I am so very looking forward to it. But especially to teaching The Poor Mouth, which taught me that Irish writing could be hilarious and scathing about the delights of rural poverty, after a lifetime of being told the opposite.

I work in Roman cultural history which covers an enormous swathe of subjects from Cicero (either Rome’s greatest orator or Rome’s greatest windbag depending on your taste: I really like him, but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea) to translation studies to gladiators.

I am currently working on a book on the working classes and the Greek and Roman classics in 18th and 19th century England and Ireland. I also maintain a web page about gladiators, complete with an open source reader about Roman spectaces ( that aims to give you all the ancient material on Roman entertainment from mimes to charioteers. And another on the Temple of the Muses, a sort of 18th century Amazon of the London and UK bookselling world (

I have an elderly dog named Seamus whose ability to sleep for 20+ hours a day is an example to me, and I hope to all.

Winter 2021

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