School Counsellors

UBC Arts One 40th Anniversary Open House

Dear School Counsellors, Advisors, and Teachers:

We appreciate the critical role you have in assisting grade twelve students to make decisions about their future. They do have an increasing number of options.

The Arts One Program has been in place at the University of British Columbia since 1967 and has garnered high praise from our students over the years. They like the community spirit which emerges in the program each year and supports and challenges students to work through a stimulating curriculum.

We have designed the program so that it relies on seminars capped at twenty students guided by one of the professors of the Arts One teaching team. We have one lecture each week to set up issues for the seminars. Finally, each student will join three other students from the seminar for a tutorial session each week, again under the direction of the professor. There are no teaching assistants in Arts One.

All of our students are self-selecting. Once they are admissible to the Faculty of Arts at the University of British Columbia they are free to choose Arts One.

Students who do well in Arts One tend to have three qualities: they enjoy reading challenging texts; they are keen to engage in responsible discussion of key issues; they are decent writers.

Successful completion of Arts One satisfies the three credits towards the writing component of the Faculty of Arts Writing and Research Requirement, and three credits toward the Faculty of Arts Literature requirement. UBC Calendar.

We welcome visits from school counsellors, students, and families. We’re happy to sit down with you and chat about Arts One, and to give you a tour of our dedicated Gateway Suite. Are you or your students interested in sitting in on an Arts One class? Contact us for this, or any other queries that you or your student may have.

Thank you for your work with your students.

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