The theme for 2021-22 is a continuation of the “Appearance and Reality” started in 2020. The links below contain information about the reading list, course outline, and teaching team. This will soon be updated for 2021-22.

We know there continues to be uncertainty about COVID-19 and how undergraduate teaching will be implemented in the coming academic year. We feel that Arts One represents a great opportunity for direct engagement with faculty in a safe and supportive learning environment. To that end, for this coming year, we plan on implementing the following changes to the Arts One program:

* The weekly, 2-hour lecture will be asynchronous and online. This means that the all Arts One students will participate in groups no larger than 20 students.
* Some seminar sections will offer in-person teaching for seminars and tutorials, as long as we are permitted to do so by provincial health guidelines and university policy. We believe in the value of in-person learning, and feel this is valuable for creating strong interpersonal connections and deep engagement with the texts.
* At least one seminar section will hold all seminars and tutorials online. These classes will be synchronous, but will not typically require travel to campus.

Arts One is an 18-credit course, and we recognize the importance that it holds for our students in creating a dynamic, memorable, and intellectually challenging learning environment, and an enriching first-year experience at UBC.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at arts.fyp@ubc.ca
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Appearance and Reality