Upcoming Events

  • Arts One Past

    4th Oct 2017 to 4th Oct 2017
    4th Oct 2017 4:00:pm

    As Arts One approaches its 50th anniversary, we are organising a series of lectures leading up to the big celebration. Come join us in the Gateway Space to celebrate 50 years of changing minds with the “Arts One Past” lecture, which will focus on the past of Arts One and how much it has evolved...

  • Arts One Present

    29th Nov 2017 to 29th Nov 2017
    29th Nov 2017 4:00:pm

    As Arts One approaches its 50th anniversary, we are organising a series of lectures leading up to the big celebration. Come join us at the Gateway Space to celebrate 50 years of changing minds with the “Arts One Present” lecture which will focus what Arts One stands for today. Keep checking in for more details...

  • Arts One Future

    7th Feb 2018 to 7th Feb 2018
    7th Feb 2018 4:00:pm

    As Arts One approaches its 50th anniversary, we are organising a series of lectures leading up to the big celebration. Come join us at the Gateway Space to celebrate 50 years of changing minds with the “Arts One Future” lecture which will focus on whats next for Arts One. Keep checking in for more details...

  • Big Celebration Lecture

    7th Apr 2018 to 7th Apr 2018
    7th Apr 2018 1:00:pm

    Following the 3 lead up events, there will be a big celebration on April 7th in the Gateway Space featuring a lecture by Dr. Sander Gilman and other celebratory activities. Dr. Gilman’s talk is entitled “The Humanities Make You A Better Person! A Foundational Myth about Higher Education.” Keep checking in for more details.

Past Events

  • Homecoming Reunion

    16th Sep 2017 to 16th Sep 2017
    16th Sep 2017 12:30:pm

    The very first day of the UBC Arts One Program was September 18, 1967. Since then, Arts One has welcomed thousands of students into its folds for a unique journey of learning. As UBC Alumni is celebrating its 100th year at Homecoming, Arts One is celebrating its 50th birthday. Come and join us at Homecoming for...

  • UBC JumpStart

    20th Aug 2017 to 20th Aug 2017
    20th Aug 2017

    UBC JumpStart begins!

  • First-Year Reg Begins!

    20th Jun 2017 to 20th Jun 2017
    20th Jun 2017

    Wooooo!! Welcome to Arts One!! 😀

  • Holiday Monday, May 22

    22nd May 2017 to 22nd May 2017
    22nd May 2017

    Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

  • Exams end.

    28th Apr 2017 to 28th Apr 2017
    28th Apr 2017

    That’s it!!  We really do hope you had a terrific first-year at UBC! UBC offices are open all summer, business as usual, should you need us.  Please keep in touch 🙂    

  • Exams: Arts One

    18th Apr 2017 to 18th Apr 2017
    18th Apr 2017 8:30:am

    April exams

  • Exams begin.

    10th Apr 2017 to 10th Apr 2017
    10th Apr 2017

    April exams begin.

  • Guest Lecture: Paul Karasik

    27th Mar 2017 to 27th Mar 2017
    27th Mar 2017 1:00:pm

    Guest Lecture: Paul Karasik

  • Guest Lecture: Nick Sousanis

    20th Mar 2017 to 20th Mar 2017
    20th Mar 2017 1:00:pm

    Guest Lecture: Nick Sousanis

  • Majors Mix + Mingle

    15th Mar 2017 to 15th Mar 2017
    15th Mar 2017

    Majors Mix + Mingle

  • Stephen Straker Memorial Lecture Event 2017

    13th Mar 2017 to 13th Mar 2017
    13th Mar 2017 4:00:pm

    To kick off the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the UBC Arts One Program, Science and Technology Studies (STS) at UBC has a special Stephen Straker Lecture event.

  • Official Kickoff of Arts One 50th

    13th Mar 2017 to 13th Mar 2017
    13th Mar 2017 4:00:pm

    In March of 2017 we had our official kick-off event for the 50th anniversary: Arts One teamed up with the Science and Technology Studies program at UBC for the annual Stephen Straker Memorial Lecture. Three former Arts One students discussed their current work as academics and how Arts One contributed to their career trajectories.

  • Gateway Open Mic

    6th Mar 2017 to 6th Mar 2017
    6th Mar 2017 4:00:pm

    Gateway Open Mic. Dazzle your fellow Gatewayers.

  • Reading Break

    20th Feb 2017 to 20th Feb 2017
    20th Feb 2017

    February Reading Break.

  • Roundhouse Radio: Arts One interviews

    15th Feb 2017 to 15th Feb 2017
    15th Feb 2017

    Arts One interviews on Roundhouse Radio

  • BC Family Day!

    13th Feb 2017 to 13th Feb 2017
    13th Feb 2017

    BC Family Day! UBC is closed for BC Family Day, a provincial holiday. Go outside. Do something BC-ish.      

  • S+K lecture movie: Vertigo

    9th Feb 2017 to 9th Feb 2017
    9th Feb 2017 5:00:pm

    'Vertigo' lecture movie showing.

  • Ask Leah – Thursdays at 10am

    12th Jan 2017 to 12th Jan 2017
    12th Jan 2017 10:00:am

    Your In-House Academic Advising

  • Term Two begins.

    3rd Jan 2017 to 3rd Jan 2017
    3rd Jan 2017

    Term Two begins.

  • Dec exams end.

    21st Dec 2016 to 21st Dec 2016
    21st Dec 2016

    Last day of December exams.  Term Two begins on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. Enjoy your winter break!

  • Dec exams begin.

    6th Dec 2016 to 6th Dec 2016
    6th Dec 2016

    December Exams for most Faculties, day and evening classes are December 6 to 21 inclusive. Saturdays are included in the exam schedule. Last day of December exams for most Faculties is December 21, 2016. DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS PRIOR TO DECEMBER 21, 2016 – OR UNTIL ALL EXAM DATES HAVE BEEN FINALIZED.    

  • Term One Ends.

    2nd Dec 2016 to 2nd Dec 2016
    2nd Dec 2016

    End of Term One.

  • Arts One 2016W Winter Social

    1st Dec 2016 to 1st Dec 2016
    1st Dec 2016 5:00:pm

    Arts One Winter Social 2016W

  • Remembrance Day

    11th Nov 2016 to 11th Nov 2016
    11th Nov 2016

    Friday, November 11, 2016 is Remembrance Day. UBC is closed.  No classes. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend local Remembrance Day Services.  

  • ArtsOne/CAP ‘Time Management’ workshop

    3rd Nov 2016 to 3rd Nov 2016
    3rd Nov 2016 12:30:pm

    ArtsOne/CAP 'Time Management' workshop.

  • Arts One Theatre Excursion!

    12th Oct 2016 to 12th Oct 2016
    12th Oct 2016 7:30:pm

    Arts One Theatre Excursion!

  • Holiday Monday

    10th Oct 2016 to 10th Oct 2016
    10th Oct 2016

    Canadian Thanksgiving: Holiday Monday

  • Seeing + Knowing Lecture Movie

    5th Oct 2016 to 5th Oct 2016
    5th Oct 2016 5:00:pm

    Seeing + Knowing Lecture Movie: 'Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen'

  • Ask Atul – Wednesdays at 1pm

    5th Oct 2016 to 30th Nov 2016
    5th Oct 2016 1:00:pm

    In-House Academic Advising

  • Arts One 2016W Welcome

    29th Sep 2016 to 29th Sep 2016
    29th Sep 2016 12:30:pm

    2016W Arts One Meet-Your-Profs

  • Day One: start of 2016W

    6th Sep 2016 to 6th Sep 2016
    6th Sep 2016

    Welcome to UBC!! Start of 2016W Winter Session Term 1, most faculties. Imagine UBC: First-day orientation program for undergraduate students in most programs. All classes are replaced by the Imagine UBC Day. See Imagine UBC for a list of participating programs and exceptions.    

  • Welcome to UBC JumpStart!

    21st Aug 2016 to 21st Aug 2016
    21st Aug 2016

    Welcome to JumpStart!

  • Work Learn Student Position

    8th Aug 2016 to 8th Aug 2016
    8th Aug 2016

    Come work with us as a Work Learn Student 2016W!

  • BC Day!

    1st Aug 2016 to 1st Aug 2016
    1st Aug 2016

    Happy BC Day!

  • Canada Day

    1st Jul 2016 to 1st Jul 2016
    1st Jul 2016

    Happy 149th Birthday Canada!

  • First day of reg for 2016W First-Year students.

    21st Jun 2016 to 21st Jun 2016
    21st Jun 2016

    Reg opens for 2016W First-Year students!

  • Destination UBC

    28th May 2016 to 28th May 2016
    28th May 2016 10:00:am

    Future UBC students are invited to check things out at Destination UBC.

  • Exam period ends.

    27th Apr 2016 to 27th Apr 2016
    27th Apr 2016

    That's it. Exam period for most faculties end.

  • Exam: ArtsOne, ‘Hero/Anti-Hero’

    22nd Apr 2016 to 22nd Apr 2016
    22nd Apr 2016 8:30:am

    Exam for Hero, Anti-Hero group.

  • Exam: ArtsOne, ‘Seeing/Knowing’

    22nd Apr 2016 to 22nd Apr 2016
    22nd Apr 2016 8:30:am

    Exam for Seeing and Knowing group.

  • Exam period begins.

    12th Apr 2016 to 12th Apr 2016
    12th Apr 2016

    Exam period begins. April exams for most faculties.

  • Last day of classes.

    8th Apr 2016 to 8th Apr 2016
    8th Apr 2016

    That's it! Last day of term.

  • Photoshoot!

    31st Mar 2016 to 31st Mar 2016
    31st Mar 2016 1:00:pm

    Arts One/CAP Photoshoot! Alum are invited too! Come join the fun.

  • Lecture room change for ‘Hero, Anti-Hero’

    30th Mar 2016 to 30th Mar 2016
    30th Mar 2016 4:00:pm

    Lecture room change for 'Hero, Anti-Hero'.

  • Lecture room change for ‘Seeing and Knowing’

    29th Mar 2016 to 29th Mar 2016
    29th Mar 2016 5:00:pm

    Lecture room change for 'Seeing and Knowing'.

  • Easter Monday. University closed.

    28th Mar 2016 to 28th Mar 2016
    28th Mar 2016

    Easter Monday. University closed.

  • Good Friday. University closed.

    25th Mar 2016 to 25th Mar 2016
    25th Mar 2016

    Good Friday. University closed.

  • Arts One Pringle

    24th Mar 2016 to 24th Mar 2016
    24th Mar 2016 12:30:pm

    Prof + Mingle = Pringle.

  • ArtsOne podcasts meeting

    17th Mar 2016 to 17th Mar 2016
    17th Mar 2016 1:00:pm

    Join us for a brainstorming session about ideas for future Arts One podcasts!

  • Majors Mix + Mingle

    16th Mar 2016 to 16th Mar 2016
    16th Mar 2016 3:00:pm

    What can you do with your major? Come to the ArtsOne/CAP 'Majors Mix + Mingle' to find out!

  • Hero, Anti-Hero lecture movie: The Day After Trinity

    1st Mar 2016 to 1st Mar 2016
    1st Mar 2016 4:30:pm

    'Hero, Anti-Hero' movie showing of The Day After Trinity.

  • Gateway Movie Night!

    25th Feb 2016 to 25th Feb 2016
    25th Feb 2016 5:00:pm

    Gateway Movie Night! Snack-Pot-Luck.

  • Seeing and Knowing lecture movie: Vertigo

    25th Feb 2016 to 25th Feb 2016
    25th Feb 2016 12:30:pm

    'Seeing and Knowing' lecture movie showing of Vertigo.

  • UBC Reading Week

    15th Feb 2016 to 15th Feb 2016
    15th Feb 2016

    UBC Reading Week. Mid-term break, February 15-19.

  • BC Family Day!

    8th Feb 2016 to 8th Feb 2016
    8th Feb 2016

    BC Family Day! UBC is closed for BC Family Day, a provincial holiday. Go outside. Do something BC-ish.

  • Arts One Valentine’s Day is GOING GREEN!

    1st Feb 2016 to 1st Feb 2016
    1st Feb 2016

    Arts One Valentine’s Day is GOING GREEN! Purchase a reusable ceramic mug filled with chocolates and candy, and enter to WIN one of two prizes!! $2 each – by Friday Feb 5. Raffle entry with every purchase! Send a Candy Gram to your friends, to yourself, or to your secret crush. Candy Grams will be...

  • UBC MUN: Model United Nations

    8th Jan 2016 to 8th Jan 2016
    8th Jan 2016

    Arts One and CAP students are invited to register for the 2016 UBC Model United Nations. It’s the International Relations Students Association’s (IRSA) flagship conference. Each year, UBCMUN provides a forum for discussion on international affairs that draws 300 university delegates from across North America. Many Arts One and CAP students have participated throughout the...

  • Arts One 2015W T-Shirt

    1st Jan 2016 to 1st Jan 2016
    1st Jan 2016

    Limited edition Arts One 2015W T-Shirts are on sale now!

  • Gingerbread Cookies, Arts One 2015W Style

    3rd Dec 2015 to 3rd Dec 2015
    3rd Dec 2015 5:00:pm

    Gingerbread cookies, Arts One style! Yes, that IS Professor Hendricks reading Foucault. (we can tell from the hazel eyes). Right next to Polyphemus from Homer’s Odyssey. Big thanks to all who attended this year’s Arts One Winter Social. Giggles and marshmallows all around, with little Kevin McCallister in the back ground. Good times.  

  • Gingerbread Plato?

    2nd Dec 2015 to 2nd Dec 2015
    2nd Dec 2015 4:00:pm

    Hmm. What does a Gingerbread Plato look like?  We’ll find out at today’s Arts One Winter Social.    

  • Mini Marshmallows and You!

    27th Nov 2015 to 27th Nov 2015
    27th Nov 2015 9:00:am


  • Congrats to November Grads!

    25th Nov 2015 to 25th Nov 2015
    25th Nov 2015

    Big congrats to all Arts One alum enjoying their November grad ceremonies!!  YAY YOU!!   <3 Graduation at UBC | Graduation at UBC

  • Arts One 2015W Winter Social

    23rd Nov 2015 to 23rd Nov 2015
    23rd Nov 2015 9:00:am

    Event Date: December 2, 2015 Your Super-Awesome Student Reps invite current students and profs to an Arts One Winter Social! Sip hot chocolate. Decorate gingerbread cookies. Watch ‘Home Alone’. Enjoy a White Elephant Gift Exchange. Details in your email. PUT ON THAT REINDEER SWEATER AND WE’LL SEE YOU THERE!

  • GoGlobal

    17th Nov 2015 to 17th Nov 2015
    17th Nov 2015 9:00:am

    Go Global deadlines! Programs and regions with a December 10 deadline. Visit the Go Global website for details: Go Global deadlines | Student Services    

  • Arts One 2015W T-Shirt Contest

    16th Nov 2015 to 16th Nov 2015
    16th Nov 2015

    Hurry! Submit your design for this year’s Arts One T-Shirt!  An exclusive in-house design, created by a current student, is chosen each year. Meaning, this is YOUR 2015W t-shirt. Deadline is Sunday Nov 22.  Details in your email or at The Office. What does Arts One look like to you?!

  • Alum Survey: First-Year Program Feedback

    14th Nov 2015 to 14th Nov 2015
    14th Nov 2015

    Hi you fabulous Alum! We thank those of you who have already completed the ‘First Year Program’ survey. If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, please do take 10 minutes and have your say! The survey closes at midnight on Wed, Nov 18 and we’d love to have your input. Don’t forget...

  • Arts One Movie Night!

    12th Nov 2015 to 12th Nov 2015
    12th Nov 2015 5:00:pm

    Your Arts One Student Reps are onboard and planning lots of upcoming events! First up:   Classic Movie Night! Arts One + CAP students and professors are invited to enjoy a showing of ‘The Breakfast Club’. Thursday, Nov 12. Check your email for details!

  • International Relations Info Session

    9th Nov 2015 to 9th Nov 2015
    9th Nov 2015 11:00:am

    Interested in becoming an International Relations major? What to know more? Check out “A Day in the Life of an IR major” to hear from current students and alumni regarding their experiences in IR and to get your questions answered. Monday, Nov 9, 11am-11:50am at the Liu Institute for Global Issues (Multipurpose Room). RSVPs not...

  • Home For The Holidays

    1st Nov 2015 to 1st Nov 2015
    1st Nov 2015

    Are you going Home For The Holidays? Take us with you! Share your Arts One + CAP experience with your former high school. Pick up a recruitment kit at The Office. Tell them about your first year at UBC. They’d love to see you again. We’d love them to hear about your experience in Arts...

  • Arts One 2015W Pumpkin Party

    26th Oct 2015 to 26th Oct 2015
    26th Oct 2015 4:00:pm

    Here’s a quick sample of the results of this year’s Arts One Pumpkin Party. We hope all the first-timers and the reminiscers had fun carving and creating! (To the artists: remember to drop by on Friday to pick up your creation so you’ll have it for Hallowe’en on Saturday

  • UBC Career Days

    30th Sep 2015 to 30th Sep 2015
    30th Sep 2015 10:00:am

    UBC Career Days. What are you going to do with your life?!?  Meet professionals and network with companies and organizations across a range of industries to explore your career options. Digital + New Media. Info Tech. Business & Financial. Health Care + Human Services. Education. Non-Profit. Construction & Trades. Retail + Manufacturing. and more! Workshops...

  • Bard on the Beach brings steampunk to Shakespeare

    26th Sep 2015 to 26th Sep 2015
    26th Sep 2015 2:00:pm

    “Bard on the Beach brings steampunk to Shakespeare”. Arts One Program Chair/Prof Christina Hendricks is arranging a trek for any interested Arts One students + instructors to join her for the show on Saturday Sept 26. Tickets are $30. Please read your email for all the details! For details visit:  Bard on the Beach brings...

  • Arts Co-op, Arts Internship, Go Global / Exchange, Community Service / Trek Program

    24th Sep 2015 to 24th Sep 2015
    24th Sep 2015 12:30:pm

    For 2014W Arts One alum! Are you interested in Arts Co-op, Arts Internship, Go Global / Exchange, or the Community Service / Trek Program? Join us for an Arts One & CAP Alumni Opportunities Showcase! Thursday Sept 24, 12:30pm-1:30pm in IBLC 380 Gateway Suite. Get info about studying abroad, gaining professional experience during your degree,...

  • Alumni Mingle Event

    24th Sep 2015 to 24th Sep 2015
    24th Sep 2015 12:30:pm

    Last year’s 2014W Arts One + CAP students are invited to a mingle. Hear from other Arts One and CAP alumni about a few of the student opportunities you may be considering to help you add to your professional competencies, skill development, and make connections: Arts Co-op Program, Arts Internship, Go Global / Exchange, and...

  • Arts One Guest Lecturer, Professor Stephen Guy-Bray

    12th Sep 2014 to 12th Sep 2014
    12th Sep 2014 4:03:pm

    Arts One is delighted to welcome guest lecturer Professor Stephen Guy-Bray, who will be discussing Virgil’s Aeneid. Monday September 15, 10am-12pm in IBLC 182. Professor Guy-Bray is the Head of the UBC Department of English and his most recent book is Against Reproduction: Where Renaissance Texts Come From. There are some seats available at the...

  • ArtsONE Student Photoshoot!

    3rd Dec 2013 to 3rd Dec 2013
    3rd Dec 2013 2:00:pm

    Come be a part of ArtsONE new marketing campaign.