Arts One centers around one course, ARTS_V 001-A_301. This is taught collaboratively by a team of instructors that alternate each week to deliver lectures.

In a typical week, students will read a literary, philosophical, or historical text, attend one lecture, participate in two seminars, and attend a tutorial to exchange feedback on essays. Students write an essay every two weeks, and at the end of the academic year, they write a capstone paper.

Every week, students will attend as follows:

The Arts One cohort meets as a whole once a week for course ARTS_V 001-A_301. This two-hour lecture is taught collaboratively by a team of instructors so professors will be alternating each week to deliver lectures.

Then students are divided into seminars, consisting of a faculty member and no more than 20 students. These meet twice a week for an hour and a half to discuss issues arising from the texts. The same faculty member remains with the same seminar group of 20 for the whole year.

Each seminar group then divides into tutorial groups of four, meeting with the professor once a week for an hour. The same seminar group professor stays with the tutorial group for the whole year. In tutorials the focus is on the students’ written work.

Arts One Essays

Students will have the opportunity to write twelve original papers over the year, each typically 1500-2000 words in length. The instructor will select the ten best of these to count towards the final mark. Papers will be evaluated after they have been read and discussed in the tutorial meeting.

Grading Breakdown


Essays 60%


Capstone Paper 10%


Participation 10%


Final Exam 20%

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