Arts One at UBC Vancouver is a first year program that recognizes the value of small cohort learning and an integrated interdisciplinary curriculum.

As one of the oldest, yet most innovative programs of its kind, Arts One has offered a distinctive first-year experience at UBC since 1967.

A dynamic team of instructors from various disciplines in the Faculty of Arts will organize learning around a guiding theme and reading list. Successful completion of Arts One gives students 18 credits – 6 in English, 6 in History, and 6 in Philosophy.


Program Overview

Get an introduction to how Arts One is organized, essay and grading breakdown, and what comes after the program.
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Explore the step-by-step process on how to register for Arts One at the University of British Columbia.
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Arts One Courses

Arts One Courses

Books are only one source of knowledge in Arts One. Lecture is where context is given to each book. Seminar is where the perspectives of many students create diverse illuminations of the text. Everyone in Arts One, teachers and students alike, formed a common foundation.

Bhaktilata J.
Arts One 2007W, ‘Action and Inaction: East + West’