After being accepted to the UBC Faculty of Arts and your online registration portal opens in June, you may enrol into Arts One.

How to register

In total, you will be registering into an 18 credit timetable. Each week in Arts One will consist of one lecture, one seminar happening twice a week, and a tutorial. You will still have 12 remaining credits that can be used to choose any of the elective courses available to first-year students at UBC.

Step by Step Guide

  1. In Workday, type “Find Course Sections” in the search bar at the top of the page. Then click on “Find Course Sections" report. (Click here for help finding this report in Workday).
  2. In the “Find Course Sections” dialog box, enter the relevant “Start Date” and “Academic Level” for Term 1.

Now you can look for the Arts One lecture and your preferred seminar by searching for the core course: type "ARTS_V 001-A" in the search field.
This will filter the results to the lecture & the 5 seminars in the Arts One program.

You will need to register first into the lecture (ARTS_V 001-A_301). You will then be prompted to register into one of the seminars (ARTS_V 001-A_L01, ARTS_V 001-A_L02, ARTS_V 001-A_L03, ARTS_V 001-A_L04, ARTS_V 001-A_L05).

You are now ready to choose and register into other electives in Term 1 and Term 2 .

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