Current Theme

The theme for 2024-2025 is “Border Crossings.” What are the boundaries that give shape and meaning to our lives? Who gets to draw, or imagine, or impose, these boundaries, and who is – or is not– allowed to move across them?

Our reading list will enable us to consider how these questions have been asked and answered across a range of historical periods and social contexts. The borders we explore and cross together will sometimes be geographic in nature, but we will also consider other kinds of borders that give shape to bodies and minds across various kinds of human knowing – poems, memoirs, novels, films, philosophical and political tracts among others. We will encounter a range of wanderers, explorers, travelers, and guides – some who left pathways for others to trace, and others who warned people from following in their steps. The borders and boundaries we map will be both real and imagined – between the known and the unknown, life and death, natural and supernatural, as well as across space and time.

ARTS_V 001-A_L01: Gavin Paul (English)
ARTS_V 001-A_L02: Brandon Konoval (Humanities and Music)
ARTS_V 001-A_L03: Christine Evans (Theatre and Film)
ARTS_V 001-A_L04: Joy Dixon (History)
ARTS_V 001-A_L05: Brianne Orr-Álvarez (French, Hispanic and Italian Studies)

Texts are subject to change.

As a student, being a part of UBC Arts One is one of the best decisions I’ve made at UBC! It was such an enriching and rewarding experience that prepared me for second year and beyond!

Bianca C
2017-18 Arts One student
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