Since Arts One was launched in 1967, alumni have achieved incredible individual and collective success. 

Arts One cohorts are one of the smallest at UBC,  so students have the opportunity to establish close-knit relationships with their peers and professors that last long past the first year. This equips students with a smooth transition into the rest of their university experience and the confidence to succeed in the future path they choose.

From accomplishments in the field of political science to assyriology, from migration studies to global cinema, Arts One students have displayed extraordinary range. Arts One alumni are Rhodes Scholars, Ivy League graduates, and even those who have come back full circle to become UBC professors.

Alumni benefits

As alumni, you receive many benefits and services that you can use throughout your life. This includes career resources, network connections, mentoring opportunities, and discounts on travel, events, products, and attractions.

Get involved

Arts One invites alumni and friends to support thinking that can change the world.

At UBC, we generate ideas that improve and inspire. You can have a lasting impact on generations of students and scholars through your involvement and investment. This can be as simple as volunteering your time or as generous as making a donation.

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To learn about different ways to get involved, please contact us directly.

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