How To Register

Registering for Arts One is easy: simply input your course selection into the Student Service Centre (one lecture and one seminar).  You will instantly find yourself registered into 18 credits (the equivalent of six separate three-credit courses) within a compact timetable of a lecture, seminar, and small tutorial group. (the small 4-person tutorial will be arranged during your first seminar in September).  Your twelve additional credits are yours for the taking, and can be chosen from any of the courses available to first-year students.

Arts One satisfies the UBC Writing Requirement, as well as 3 credits towards the University’s Literature requirement.

For more details, check out: Step-by-step, how to register for Arts One.

Tap here for details about UBC BA Requirements.

You can apply to reserve a seat with Arts One!  Simply ensure that you meet the minimum requirements and, even if you think you don’t, there is a good chance that you will still be able to take the course. Find out more about “Reserve Your Spot” HERE.


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