Step-by-Step Registration Process

Students simply register as they would for any other UBC course – online registration on their Registration Date, inputting their course choices on the SSC (Student Service Centre).  The SSC is filled with info concerning registration, including Sample Timetables and Course Planning and Advising, as well as FAQ’s and Video Tutorials. For example, when you have your UBC Student Number you can log onto the SSC and create some draft timetables to have queued and ready for registration day.

Registering for Arts One is easy!  It’s one lecture (ARTS.001A.00A) and one seminar (LA1, LA2, LA3, LA4, or LA5). You choose which seminar you prefer.

So, for example, let’s say you choose seminar LA1. Here’s what your Arts One timetable will look like:

  • Arts One lecture (course # ARTS.001A.00A). It will be on Mondays, 10am-12pm. Team-taught, so the profs take turns giving a lecture.
  • Seminar LA1 (course # ARTS.001A.LA1).  The seminars take place twice a week for 90mins each.
  • Tutorials will be you and three Arts One students meeting with your professor once a week for one hour. The day and time will be decided by you and your prof when classes begin in September.

That’s it. Each week in Arts One = one lecture, two seminars, and a tutorial.

Arts One achieves 18 credits, allowing for an additional 12 credits of electives which are chosen from any of the courses available to first-year students. Arts One is the equivalent of three 6-credit courses streamlined into a nice compact timetable. (which also means not doing course work for three separate 6-credit courses. And not have three separate exams; no final exam in Arts One).

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