Instructor, Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (German)

A few words about me:

I am an Instructor in the Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, where I coordinate the first-year German language program and teach courses on nineteenth and twentieth century European culture. To learn more about my teaching and research, visit my profile on the CENES website here.

I am also keenly interested in epistemology, the branch of philosophy that asks what it means ‘to know,’ as well as in cinema and comics, two cultural forms within which the relationship between seeing and knowing are a central concern. I will bring my enthusiasm for all of these to the Arts One program over the next couple of years.

A few words on Arts One in general, too:

I was a UBC undergraduate during the 1990s and recall thinking how cool the program’s alternative approach to first year study was. It would have been perfect for me and I still regret having found out about it too late to enrol. Not surprisingly, I could not be more excited to get to contribute to Arts One now.

Winter 2020
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