Inaugural Arts One student journal published

picture of a stack of magazinesWe have recently published the first volume of what we expect to be many future volumes for an Arts One student journal. The journal, entitled ONE (a name selected from several proposed by Arts One students), features essays written by Arts One students that are revised versions of essays they submitted for grades during the course.

Students in Arts One write an essay every two weeks during the year, of about 1200-2000 words, focused on at least one of the works assigned in the course (which can range from novels, to poetry, to films, to graphic novels, to philosophical works, and more). These are peer reviewed by other students in addition to receiving feedback from the instructor.

The students whose work is featured in ONE have all revised their essays based on peer and instructor comments and submitted them for possible publication in the journal. We then selected essays that show high quality and reflect improvement in students’ work over time.

We are excited to share the excellent writing of students in our program in order to showcase what students are doing and can accomplish in Arts One, as well as to provide inspiration for new students in the program for the sorts of work they can do (or that they can go beyond!).

We congratulate the students whose essays are published this year, and look forward to publishing another excellent volume next year!

For more information and a link to the 2015-2016 volume of the Arts One journal ONE, please click here.