Arts One instructor featured in UBC Today

October 19, 2020



Toph Marshall, Professor of Greek and Arts One instructor, was featured in UBC Today’s Research in Focus. In an interview with the Internal Communications team, Professor Marshall shared his research interests as follows:


“My research examines the stagecraft and performance practices of the Greeks and Romans, and the implications this has on the interpretation of the plays. This considers how masks work, and the impact of role sharing, since all ancient plays were explicitly metatheatrical, but also how (male) playwrights choose to present the lives of female enslaved characters for a presumptively male, citizen audience. I also look at modern media (television, comics) and how they create meaning and represent the ancient world.”


Professor Marshall’s forthcoming manuscript (to be published with Bloomsbury in November, 2020) provides a detailed account of Aristophanes’ Frogs (405 BCE) and is accessible to non-Greek speakers. The book “emphasizes how the plays draws on previous comedies, and responds to the crisis the Athen[ian] democracy was facing at the time.”


For more information, you can read the interview here.