Arts One Essays and Grading

Arts One-37

Papers are typically 1500-2000 words in length, and students will need to make five copies, keeping one and distributing the rest to the group (depending on the seminar group, this distribution may be done digitally). Students will write twelve original papers over the year, and the instructor will select the 10 best of these to count towards the final mark. Papers will be evaluated after they have been read and discussed in the tutorial meeting. It is vital that student present their papers and responses on schedule, and that they attend all lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Overall, students are assessed on the essays they submit on a biweekly basis, participation in their seminars, and a final capstone paper. The weightings are as follows:

Biweekly essays 70%
Capstone paper 20%
Participation 10%

“I will never forget the moment Dr. Ed Hundert reached across the table to hand me my first ever assignment for ‘university’. I was terrified I had “failed” and Ed Hundert remarked, “You’re pale as a ghost! Don’t worry! You did well!” (And I had, indeed!).”

Noni R., Arts One 1993W, ‘Power and Freedom’