What’s after Arts One?


Arts One provides an excellent foundation for study across a range of disciplines, degrees, faculties, schools, and institutions.

While students receive credits for English, History, and Philosophy they are not limited to these subjects as majors, and are just as likely to pursue degrees in Political Science, Psychology, Music, Sociology, and other fields.

Arts One alumni enter second year studies, often in Honours programs, as well or better equipped than any second year student in the Arts, and studies indicate that Arts One grads consistently perform at a higher level than the general first year student body. Arts One alumni include Rhodes Scholars, recipients of Governor General’s Medals for academic excellence, UBC Killam teaching prizes, BC Supreme Court Justices, and university Professors.

Arts One students do not have to Major in English, History, or Philosophy (although they are welcome to do so, if they so choose). They can choose to Major in any area available to all mainstream students, or transfer to other faculties, schools, or institutions.

Here is an image of the various majors Arts One students went on to do, from 2006-2016. Please see here for a list of the UBC department 4-letter codes and what they stand for.

a diagram with bubbles representing the majors Arts One students went on to do, from 2006-2016

The most common majors for Arts One students from 2006-2016 were: English (ENGL), Psychology (PSYC), History (HIST), Political Science (POLI), International Relations (INTR), Sociology (SOCI), Art History (ARTH), Philosophy (PHIL) and Geography (GEOG).

Arts One offers students a positive and encouraging transition into university in small groups of first-year students, after which students move into the mainstream curriculum with the academic tools and skill sets they require to enjoy and excel at university.

Arts Co-op is an excellent employee placement program open to students in 2nd year.  Visit the Arts Co-op website for more information about what they have to offer.


“Arts One gave me the intellectual energy to face the courses in second year. Arts One inspired me to try to integrate my learning. In the following years at UBC I chose courses in history which had a common theme.”

Lorne A., M.ED.
Arts One 1967W,  ‘Arts 1 Programme’