40th Reunion

Former Arts One building

Thanks for joining us to celebrate 40 years of Arts One!

During UBC Alumni Weekend in September of 2007, The Arts One Building at 6358 University Blvd was open to minglers, and all were invited to drop by and wander through to…

  • visit your former Arts One professor’s office
  • sit in your old tutorial chair and check out the books on his/her bookshelf
  • hang around the student lounge and see if you recognize anyone
  • have a seat in your former seminar room and chat about Arts One with other former Arts One students and faculty.

An Arts One buffet luncheon was offered in The Blue Lecture Room 104, followed by an Arts One Mini-Lecture by Professor Ed Hundert: “Arts One: Surviving The Bonfire of the Humanities”.

The day ended with the cutting of the Arts One 40th Anniversary cake in Lecture Room 104.